13th Maidenhead Scouts

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13th Maidenhead Beavers

13th Maidenhead Beaver Colony meets every Thursday from 6.00 to 7.00pm at the High St Methodist Church. The colony is run by Dorothy Minors otherwise known as “Hawkeye”. At Beavers your Scouting journey begins. You will join in a large range of activities, such as games, crafts, singing and outings – to name a few. Above all Beavers have a lot of fun and make many new friends. During your time as a Beaver you will work towards achieving your Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. You start Beavers when you are 6 and move on to Cubs when you are 8.

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13th Maidenhead Beavers Fun Day

This is an event where the Beavers can try out lots of different activities. During the day they had a go at archery, grass sledging, fishing, abseiling,aerial runway, swimming, water slides, bouncy castles, 'sumo' wrestling......... and there was lots of other things too. We all joined together in the middle of the day for a picnic lunch and treated ourselves to ice creams before returning home.


Some of our adventurous Beavers...



13th Maidenhead Beaver Scouts on Safari!

13th Maidenhead Beaver Scouts on safari!
After identifying animals, they made a shield, spear and binoculars, before donning their camouflage jackets and Tracking ten animals at the local nature reserve. Returning to Base Camp the Beavers were assisted by the Scouts in erecting their tents for the night. After that they tucked into vulture eggs, golden nuggets of giraffe dung, cheesy snakes, jungle leaves and all kinds of other exciting goodies. Tummies full, the brave adventurers undertook the crocodile alley trail before making it back to camp where they settled around the camp fire and made music with their jungle drums.

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